The Cloudnola Story

In 2016, Cloudnola was founded by Renee Vendrig, Rita Dragoni and Christian Jimenez to provide, as they put it, "a whimsical take on time." Based in The Netherlands, Cloudnola designs a wide range of modern clocks, watches and other home accessories. Cloudnola clocks are comfortingly familiar in their basic form and function, but with fun design twists that give them a sense of freshness in today's contemporary design landscape.

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Why We Love Cloudnola Clocks

Cloudnola is one clock company that doesn't like to wait. Relatively young and energetic, Cloudnola has plenty of new design ideas, and it is well-positioned to bring those new ideas to market quickly. According to Jiminez, Cloudnola's small size grants it a certain nimbleness, which in turn means that it "can adapt and move rapidly within new trends without a long bureaucratic process."

Fun Facts About Studio Cloudnola

Cloudnola products can be found in every room of the POD Hotel in Manhattan.

Noteworthy Products from Cloudnola

The Structure family of wall clocks uses lightweight PVC to replicate the textures of much heavier materials, such as cement and marble. The results are highly realistic...and won't rip a hole in your wall.

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