Brown Jordan Fires

The Brown Jordan Fires Story

In 2013, Brown Jordan joined forces with fireplace design expert, EcoSmart Fire, to create Brown Jordan Fires. This specialized brand combines Brown Jordan's modern outdoor furniture aesthetic with EcoSmart's innovative and eco-friendly bioethanol burning technology. A line of side tables and stools complement the fire tables and fire pits, and help you to create complete outdoor living arrangements in a snap.

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Why We Love Brown Jordan Fires

We love beautiful design, and especially beautiful design that is easy to live with. The fire tables, fire pits and coordinating accessories by Brown Jordan Fires offer just that. The range of sizes and designs will complement literally any outdoor space. Extra cool is the option given in fueling. You can go completely portable and eco-friendly with the EcoSmart Fire e-NRG bioethanol, connect to a separate liquid propane tank or never have to worry about re-fueling again by hooking up to a natural gas line.

Fun Facts About Brown Jordan Fires

Brown Jordan Fires pieces are specified quite regularly by high-end hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues throughout the U.S. Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide and Four Seasons are just a few of the satisfied customers (and their customers are pretty satisfied, too).

Noteworthy Products from Brown Jordan Fires

The Equinox Fire Table is a huge slab of composite concrete that houses a round burner at one end, while leaving the other end completely open for cocktails or party platters. And perhaps we are a little biased toward the name, but we think the Lumen Lantern is just about the prettiest complement to an outdoor setting, whether it's lit or not (although it is especially great when it's lit).

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Brown Jordan Fires