Boskke Sky Planters

The Boskke Story

Boskke planters turn your normal view of growing plants literally upside down. Boskke was founded in an effort to inject as much greenery as possible into the home and workplace without getting in the way. In order to do that, Boskke decided to put such greenery where it wouldn't normally go: hanging from the ceiling.

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Boskke Sky Planters allow you to enjoy the benefits of plantlife without all the hassle: cleaner air, water conservation, even stress reduction. And it encourages you to see and appreciate nature in a brand new way.

Why We Love Boskke Planters

You'd think gravity would make plants growing upside down improbable, if not impossible. But the plant, soil and water stay put with the specialized Sky Planter mesh, locking disc and Slo-Flo reservoir. Compact and out of the way, Boskke cubes and Sky Planters are ideal for the space-challenged urban gardener. Not only are they beautiful and unexpected, but they encourage the proliferation of air-cleaning, oxygen-producing plants without taking up any floor space. And where you do have some shelf or counterspace, the line of clear Boskke cubes let you enjoy the intricate beauty of plants' growing root systems.

A Fun Fact About Boskke

The name Boskke is derived from the old English word "bosky," which means "a small forest."

Noteworthy Products by Boskke

In order to make greenery even more green, Boskke has developed Sky Planter Recycled. Instead of the original ceramic, this version is made from recycled plastic. You will also want to see the Boskke Cube Planter for a completely transparent way to see how your plant grows.

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