Biegert & Funk

The Biegert & Funk Story

Biegert & Funk was founded in 2000 in Schwabisch Gmund, a small town in southern Germany, by Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk. It started off as a self-proclaimed communications specialist, essentially providing PR and marketing for businesses across a broad spectrum of disciplines. This included advertising campaigns, conveying brand experiences, creating apps and so forth.

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In 2009, Biegert & Funk expanded beyond marketing other company's products and launched their own: the QLOCKTWO clock, in table and wall versions. This piece has since become the "face" of Biegert & Funk (and a best-seller at Lumens).

Why We Love Biegert & Funk Clocks

Biegert & Funk was able to take their years of marketing experience, of learning what people want, and interpret that into a truly one-of-the-kind timepiece. The QLOCKTWO clock is also something the founders themselves would want, making it a real labor of love. They design and make their clocks in-house in southern Germany, so you know you're getting exceptional quality and engineering in each and every one.

A Fun Fact About Biegert & Funk

There is a Qlockone. It's called the human clock, and is available as an app. It was created by filming 24 people in a meadow who, every minute, would move 24 benches into digital-looking time displays. It was filmed over 24 hours in real time, with no cuts.

Noteworthy Products From Biegert & Funk

The modern clocks in the QLOCKTWO collection are truly outstanding feats of engineering. Their square clock faces feature a matrix of letters that, when strategically illuminated from within by LEDs, tell the time in words. And with the success of the table and wall versions of the QLOCKTWO, Biegert & Funk has since launched a watch that allows you to take this eye-catching design on the go.

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Biegert & Funk