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Hosting Must-Haves

Hosting guests for the holidays can be a daunting task, whether it's cooking and dishing out drinks, or finding enough space to accommodate friends and family. Cut back on stress by prepping ahead of time with some of our top hosting necessities.

Corridor Bar by BDI.

Corridor Bar by BDI

Instead of crowding the kitchen with bottles and stems, store them in a sleek bar cabinet. Equipped with nine liquor shelves, 12 wine cubbies and a spacious, mirrored, top, the BDI Corridor Bar has all the room you need to house holiday imbibements.

Quiberon Side Bar by Fermob.

Quiberon Side Bar by Fermob

If you're tight on space and still need a station to serve drinks, use a side bar like the Fermob Quiberon Side Bar. It features two stacked shelves for ample storage, and handy caster wheels to transport drinks from room to room.

Alto Tray by Fermob.

Alto Tray by Fermob

A sturdy serving tray is essential for appetizers and crudités. At once durable and chic, the Fermob Alto Tray is made entirely of steel with a crisp silhouette and powder-coated finish that makes cleanup a breeze.

Bistro Rectangle Folding Table by Fermob.

Bistro Rectangle Folding Table by Fermob

It's always good to have an extra surface on hand when hosting a big feast. Consider a small folding table, like the Fermob Bistro Rectangle Table, which can be easily stored away once the party ends.

Bink Side Table by BDI.

Bink Side Table by BDI

Side tables are a smart, versatile option to expand surface space. We love how the cantilever form of the BDI Bink Side Table gives it leverage to be pulled in close without crowding a space.

Skip Folding Chair by Connubia.

Skip Folding Chair by Connubia

Plastic dining chairs are crucial during holiday festivities, but they aren't always the most stylish solution. Opt for the Connubia Skip Folding Chair instead. It flaunts an ultra-modern beechwood-and-aluminum body, and folds flat for easy storage.

BeBop Low Table by Fermob.

BeBop Low Table by Fermob

A cocktail table on the shorter side can be useful for balancing appetizers and drinks while guests gather on the sofa or side chairs in the living room. The Fermob BeBop Low Table fits the bill perfectly with an array of height options, ranging from 13" to 18" tall.

Catalina 2 Door Buffet by Copeland Furniture.

Catalina 2 Door Buffet by Copeland Furniture

The holidays are the perfect occasion to show off your fine China and porcelain dinnerware. To keep it safe, you'll need a place to store it before dinner is served, like the Copeland Furniture Catalina 2 Door Buffet. Made entire of black walnut and cherry hardwood, this stylish option features swinging doors and an adjustable inner shelf.

Catalina Hutch for Buffet by Copeland Furniture.

Catalina Hutch for Buffet by Copeland Furniture

Already have a bar or buffet and need an extra shelf or two for bottles gifted by guests? Top off your existing surface with the Copeland Furniture Catalina Hutch for Buffet, complete with adjustable shelving and enough space for 24 bottles of wine!

Memorabilia Coat Rack by Calligaris.

Memorabilia Coat Rack by Calligaris

When hosting in a cooler climate, your coat closet is bound to get crowded with sweaters and outerwear. Have a coat rack, like the Calligaris Memorabilia Coat Rack, perched near the door, so none go missing or end up in a pile on the bed in the guestroom.

Cathedral Candle Holder by Calligaris.

Cathedral Candle Holder by Calligaris

Candles provide an elegant focal point in the center of the dining table. We like the Calligaris Cathedral Candle Holder in lieu of a traditional holder for a more contemporary look. It even comes in festive colors, like red and green.

Spacebox Wall-Mounted Folding Table by Connubia.

Spacebox Wall-Mounted Folding Table by Connubia

If you're hosting in a small apartment, you may not have room for a large table or bar. That's where the Connubia Spacebox Wall-Mounted Folding Table comes into play. It attaches flush with your wall, and folds down when not in use to take up less space.