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Handmade Lighting

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10 Artisan Design Studios

The trend toward shying from mass-produced, “factory-farmed” goods has been gaining momentum of late, and designers of quality lighting and home goods have been part of the movement. These studio brands combine high design and a forward-thinking mindset to produce handcrafted, environmentally conscious products that impress us with beauty, efficiency and sustainability.

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Niche Modern

Embracing the irony of opposing elements, New York's Niche Modern creates handmade pieces of art in glass. Niche's signature hand-blown glass is intended to surround vintage-style Edison bulbs, whose warm visible filaments highlight each glossy surface. The references design notes from historical eras, lent an especially modern angle thanks to the crystal-clear and colorful glass.

David Trubridge Design

Designer caught inspiration as he sailed the seas with his family and, after landing in New Zealand, created David Trubridge Designs with a focus on natural muses like flowers and oceanic life. A passionate belief in environmental responsibility is the driving force behind Trubridge's design and manufacturing processes, from creating products using as few materials as possible to sustainable sourcing of those resources. Most pieces are shipped in special packaging and requiring assembly, reducing shipping costs and materials needed for packing.


An architectural foundation and meticulous craftwork combine in the Pelle Designs line. This interdisciplinary approach results in pieces full of personality and care, drawing from the best of each designer's expertise and passion. Attention to functionality is at the core of each design, realized in materials like blown glass and coiled leather. Pelle’s Brooklyn-based design office also houses their manufacturing studio.


With a fresh and current take on sustainable design, is the brainchild of architects and friends Jonathan Junker, Seth Grizzle and Jon Gentry. The trio creates innovative designs from cardboard, which are handmade in-house using 75% salvaged and donated materials in each lighting piece. With a separate facility in Amsterdam, Graypants now serves the European market with the same high level of sustainability and clever use of materials as their original Seattle site.

Iacoli & McAllister

Simple, functional beauty inspires the designs that comprise the lighting line from . Working from their design studio in Seattle, the team draws up products that use natural materials to showcase precise proportion and composition. Fabrication (from welding to embroidery) is handled in the United States, and assembly is still done by hand in their studio overlooking Puget Sound.


Industrial, ironic design sums up the ex-punk, Toronto-based . The founders combine backgrounds that include architecture, set design and stone carving—their inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. An obsession for experimental upcycling and repurposed materials (like burnt-out bulbs and dissected fire extinguishers) has led the way to an eclectic collection of smart and elegant pieces that toe the line between modern art and design.

Pablo Designs

Devotion to simplicity and utility underlines the aesthetic and process behind . The Venezuelan-born founder and designer, Pablo Pardo, brings his varied background in industrial design to the San Francisco design studio, infusing the line with signature grace and practicality. Leaning toward innovative LED designs, Pablo’s silhouettes become ever more interpretive as technology advances to afford designers a freedom to create in ways never before imagined.

Bocci Lighting

Combining architecture, industrial design and material research, produces contemporary designs with an artistic leaning. Designs are developed and fabricated in-house, each piece created with exceptional attention to detail that commands control over quality and technique. With an eye on good environmental practices, Bocci's signature original pendant, 14, is an award-winning design created from recycled glass. And all Bocci products are packed in recycled (and recyclable) materials for shipping.

Rich Brilliant Willing

From low-key to show stopping, engineers innovative fixtures for modern interiors. The pieces are intelligent and fun, sophisticated yet accessible, using dimmable LEDs to layer and control the light that the founders believe shape our sense of well-being. Built in Brooklyn, Rich Brilliant Willing's designs have garnered numerous awards in their endeavor to make welcoming fixtures that make the beholder feel at home.

Michael McHale Designs

Industrial chic is undeniably the most accurate summation of . Repurposed steel pipes are the framework for waterfalls of leaded crystal and the spare accents of bare bulbs, showcasing an inventive juxtaposition of utility and luxury. Stylistically, the highs and lows of Michael McHale's aesthetic afford a striking balance to each piece. And practically, these unusual pieces can fit within just about any space imaginable, from high-end penthouse to grungy boutique, with equally impressive results.