Best Bets: Floral-Inspired Lighting Ideas

There’s no denying nature’s inspiration, especially this time of year. In fact, Mother Nature has been the muse for quite a number of lighting designs, from beautiful blooms to bright bursts of color. Here are 10 fresh, flowery fixtures we love, just in time for spring.

Full Bloom Mini Pendant

by Vermont Modern

Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge recently introduced Vermont Modern, an energetic new collection with the brand’s signature high-quality, hand-crafted philosophy. The Full Bloom Mini Pendant is made of a single steel tube that’s been laser cut, heated and expanded into the final fluted shape reminiscent of, well, a flower in bloom. Each is made by hand and available in an array of colors, ideal for arranging over a dining area or kitchen island.

Full Bloom Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern

Muse Flower Wall/Ceiling Light

by AXO Light

The Muse is nothing short of a modern marvel. Elasticized fabric stretches smoothly over a wire frame to create a rounded disc of overlapping gentle floral outlines. The design works on the wall or the ceiling, making a lovely artistic statement no matter where you hang it. Bonus points for the removable, machine washable fabric.

Muse Flower Wall/Ceiling Light by AXO Light

Floral Pendant

by David Trubridge

The Floral Pendant from David Trubridge makes a globular statement out of natural bamboo. It’s eco-friendly flat shipping means you get to build the fixture yourself. The easily interlocking components form a blooming flower pattern once complete, with light peeking out from between the cut out petals. The result is beautiful cast shadows and light play on the surrounding ceiling and wall.

Floral Pendant by David Trubridge

Bloom Pendant

by Kartell

Made in Italy by Kartell, the Bloom Pendant takes floral arranging to a new and thoroughly modern level. The intricate flower details are made of a sparkly, transparent techno-polymer in color schemes that include mint green, lavender and clear crystal. It’s lovely on its own or grouped together in ever-blooming clusters.

Bloom Pendant by Kartell

Federica Pendant

by Bruck Lighting

Natural materials lend themselves beautifully to flower-shaped fixtures. This pendant has an abuncance of wood veneer petals that bloom up, down and all around. The result is soft, diffused light in full floral form.

Federica Pendant by Bruck Lighting

Hanami Suspension

by Slamp

Flowering cherry blossoms comprise the Hanami Suspension by Slamp. The fixture is inspired by the Japanese tradition of admiring the transitional beauty of flowers, with hand folded, translucent Lentiflex flowers. LED light sourcing ensures this light is efficient, beautiful and most definitely worth the lingering of your gaze, no matter the season.

Hanami Suspension by Slamp

Spring LED Linear Suspension

by Hubbardton Forge

Inspired by raindrops cascading down a garden trellis, the Spring LED Linear Suspension is an elegant interpretation of a modern botanical concept. Every part of this dramatic piece is made by hand, from the forged metal to the mouth-blown glass. The design is part of the Four Seasons collection, which reinterprets seasonal moments into sophisticated lighting fixtures.

Spring LED Linear Suspension by Hubbardton Forge

Broche Adjustable Semi-Flushmount/Pendant

by Crystorama

Composed of dozens of multi-toned golden leaves, this botanical beauty is handpainted with metal foil over delicate wrought iron—standing the test of time with its classic look. It also has a functional versatility, able to easily transition from chandelier to a semi-flushmount.

Broche Adjustable Semi-Flushmount/Pendant by Crystorma

Rimini Floor Lamp

by Dwell Studio for Global Views

The Rimini Floor Lamp is one chic way to bring a bit of a jungle vibe to your space. The sweeping gold leaf canopies rotate to direct the light exactly where you want it. You might be tempted to tuck it into a cozy reading corner, but this piece could easily become the focal point in a room.

Rimini Floor Lamp by Dwell Studio for Global Views