Simple shapes with big impact: Tom Dixon’s new Plane Collection is an exercise in expressive minimalism. Precise mirroring among the metallic planes that amplifies the design’s straightforward lines, paying tribute to the geometry that has long played a role in Dixon’s design work.

“The flat and the round, the shiny and the matte, the reflective and translucent is just part of the exploration of opposites that we started a couple of years ago with a collection called the Rough and the Smooth,” Dixon says. “Geometry is a constant in the work. Actually, now that I think of it, I have been minimal and geometric for many years now, starting with the jack lamp in 1997. Or maximal and geometric—Pylon Chair in 1990.”

The Plane Collection is no exception. Available as a chandelier, two pendants and a table lamp, this collection is characterized by its simplicity and bold geometry that almost create an optical illusion between the reflective brass finish and the white glass diffuser.

Plane Chandelier

Plane Chandelier

A show-stopping, space-filling design that makes for a dramatic feature in a space.

Try it: In a lobby, dining room, restaurant or stairwell.


Plane Chandelier
Plane Pendant

Plane Pendants

Graphic silhouettes made from a brass-plated steel frame and a double-layered white glass sphere make create an optical illusion.

Try it: In a linear formation above a bar or countertop.


Table Lamp

A soft, ambient light source that pivots on an arc with a vanity-style glass sphere.

Try it: On a desktop or nightstand.