How does LBL stay competitive with current trends in contemporary lighting design?

At LBL Lighting, our design process does not typically start with a focus on lighting trends. Instead, inspiration for our designs often transcends lighting into the worlds of fashion, home accessories and architecture. Here, understanding the fabrics, metals, patterns, shapes and structures all around us helps us create innovative fixtures grounded by forms that consumers easily identify with. Once a concept has been developed, our focus shifts to lighting performance and quality execution – ensuring the fixture offers the right balance of inspired design and purposeful utility.

What are some of the company's favorite sources for inspiration/creativity?

We regularly reach out to designers and specifiers of lighting, leveraging their experience and design eye to help identify opportunities and challenges for which the market is currently seeking solutions. Whether its addressing issues of scale or functionality, taking lighting challenges head on sets us on the path to inspiration and creativity.

What is LBL's strongest product segment (pendants, sconces, bath bars, etc.)?

While pendants and rail systems still represent a large portion of our business; bath, wall, suspension and especially outdoor are all large growth segments for LBL. Today, the breadth of our collection goes far beyond the low-voltage systems we helped pioneer – it empowers designers and consumers to create aspirational, exciting and cutting edge contemporary spaces.

How much testing and development goes into a product before it is made available?

At LBL, our detail-oriented design process takes well over a year for a fixture to make the journey from design concept to market. From concepting to engineering, prototyping to testing, and production to logistics, each phase of the development process is thoughtfully executed to ensure each fixture exceeds our customers’ expectations.

What is LBL's primary focus with the 2015 line of products?

For 2015, we have expanded the offering in every segment of our collection. While some categories such as ceiling, wall, bath and suspension have expanded at a faster rate, each of the over 40 new products we introduced in 2015 focused on offering inspired contemporary design at great overall value.

What is the production process like for the new products?

Our factory based just north of Chicago assembles and tests every fixture prior to shipping. We have highly optimized facilities and production teams, where pride, workmanship and operational excellence exudes throughout each department. Our goal is to be easy to do business with and each of us strive to achieve this every day.

What is important to the company about using LED technology in lighting?

This is a very fun time to be in the lighting business! Instead of focusing on using LED replacement lamping with traditional incandescent-based fixtures, at LBL, many new fixtures are purposefully designed and engineered to exploit the many benefits today's LEDs offer. Simply put, LEDs empower us to design fixtures with incredibly slim profiles and equally incredible performance while consuming very little energy. As technology and performance improves each and every year, LBL is focused on leveraging the latest LED solutions to push the envelope of design and offer our customers energy-conscious options.

Are the new products more suited for commercial applications or residential applications?

One great thing about LBL is that our diverse product offering and dedication to introducing fixtures of varying scale make us very strong in both residential and commercial applications.

If you had to pick a favorite design from all of the new products, what would it be?

I have fallen in love with the Interlace, it turned out to be simply stunning and has been a great tool for designers to create beautiful clusters that greatly impact the spaces they illuminate.

The Interlace Suspension is just a great example of how to create a unique and compelling design by starting with an LED-centric concept. We are all very proud to have the Interlace named Most Innovative Decorative Fixture at LIGHTFAIR 2014 and on the heels of its early success, we have added two additional sizes this year rounding out the offering with 18", 30" and 45" diameter options to further empower designers to create amazing installations with this unique piece.