1. Ipanema Chandelier
    by Jonathan Adler

    Sporting a space-age, mid-century inspired style, the Robert Abbey Ipanema Chandelier (designed by Jonathan Adler) is a highly versatile and sculpturally contemporary piece. Five boom arms are affixed to the central stem, each allowing up-and-down adjustment. At the end of each arm, a secure and sleek band of Polished Nickel-finished metal encircles a round White cased glass shade. The conical handles by which the arms can be raised or lowered become a decorative counterpoint to the spherical shades.

  2. Sputnik Chandelier
    by Jonathan Adler

    Launch a modern design scheme into orbit with the Jonathan Adler Sputnik Chandelier. At once futuristic and retro, funky and elegant, the space age-inspired Sputnik features numerous metal spokes shooting out from a central metal sphere, each accented by sparkling crystal or a glowing bulb. Available in a warm Antique Brass or glossy Polished Nickel finish.

Ipanema Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

A Q&A with Jonathan Adler

How did lighting come into your design mix?
I started out as a potter, but I'm a restless designer – the more I make the more I want to make. I believe good lighting not only makes your space looks better, it makes you look better.

Do you have any favorite sources for inspiration/creativity?
I'm fortunate that I live in New York where I’m surrounded by the most creative people, the best restaurants, and the coolest shops. I try to keep my eyes and my mind wide open.

Sputnik Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Anything you haven't designed that you’d like to?
I'd love to design a car, inside and out.

What does your own home look like?
It's groovy, it’s graphic, it's exuberant and I love it. It's filled with my oeuvre but it's constantly changing – my poor long-suffering husband never knows what he's going to come home to.

Do you have a favorite fixture that you’ve designed? (We won’t tell the others.)
This is a real Sophie's choice, but my current fling is with the Ipanema Chandelier. It's fresh and groovy, the arms create a mod linear shape, and the way that light reflects off the nickel is twinkly and alluring.