1. Mendori Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

    Sculptural poetry. Named for the hen, the Issey Miyake Mendori Table Lamp plays with a feathered look. Each fold is highlighted from within by a single energy efficient LED, and due to the piece's layered nature, creates unique shadows and shades of light that draw the eye and truly capture the viewer with its artistry.

  2. Mogura Table Lamp by Issey Miyake

    Each fold and crease of the Issey Miyake Mogura Table Lamp offers a different shade, a different interplay of shadow and light as the inner LED illuminates each level of the lamp. This cubist-type piece, named for the mole, features a dimmer on the cord for creating the perfect atmosphere.

Mogura Table Lamp

Issey Miyake has made his mark on the fashion world with women's clothing, perfume, watches and more. The designer's signature in haute couture—specialized garment pleating—has made its way into contemporary lighting design in a new collaboration with Artemide.

Developed in partnership with Reality Lab, Miyake's lighting collection is comprised of nine table, free-standing and suspension lamps designed and folded to play on the interaction and mathematics between light and shadow (IN-EI stands for "shadow, shadiness, nuance" in Japanese).

Beauty aside, the collection is incredibly sustainable as well. Each fixture uses LEDs and a special fabric that's been derived from PET bottles and processed using an innovative technology that reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 80%, compared to the production of new materials.

While the collection wasn't made for convenience, the precise folds in each lamp allow them to be folded flat when not in use. Each lamp is made using a single sheet of the specially-developed fabric, which allows the fixtures to maintain their form without needing any internal structure. The material itself memorizes the folds created by a press-ironing technique.

Unfolding Miyake's Mendori Table Lamp

Unfolding Miyake's Mendori Table Lamp - Step 1 Unfolding Miyake's Mendori Table Lamp - Step 2 Unfolding Miyake's Mendori Table Lamp - Step 3 Unfolding Miyake's Mendori Table Lamp - Step 4