A Q&A with Hennepin Made

A small team led by Jackson Schwartz, who studied the craft at the Canberra School of Art in Australia and Joe Limpert, a ceramicist-turned-glassmaker, Hennepin Made is the name behind one of our favorite new lines of artisan lighting. A keen design eye and experimentation with materials led to the Parallel Series, a pendant collection available exclusively at Lumens that showcases the perfect balance between contrast and harmony. Each is crafted by hand in their Minneapolis studio.

5 Questions for Hennepin Made

What inspires or influences your work?
We start with the process of blown glass and use that means to investigate light. We are also very inspired by materials and how they respond to different processes.

Parallel Series

The Parallel Series by Hennepin Made Available exclusively at Lumens

How much experimenting do you do before deciding if you want to move forward with a design?
It varies per collection—but for instance, with the Parallel Series, we spent a few years working through design considerations, engineering, and problem solving to get the aesthetic outcome we wanted.

You've said you have a fascination with materials—especially glass. What do you love about it?
It's immediacy. It is a completely responsive material in that each action you take you get a direct result. Also once we start the process to make a light, it's fluid to the end because we never set the glass down. It is similar to music in that there's a rhythm that follows the entire length of the work and if it's interrupted you have to stop and start over.

What's inspiring or different about designing in the midwest?
For one we don't feel the pressure that exists on both coasts to try and fit quick trends. It's a little more geographically isolated, which we believe allows for better reflection and focus. There's also a history of amazing design and architecture here dating back to the modernist movement.

Anything you haven't created/designed that you'd like to? We're working on a wall sconce right now and there are other ideas in the pipeline but we can't say yet. With having our own production facility, we are able to prototype a lot and there's always the curiosity to try new things.