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Purple Bed Frames

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Color: Purple
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Purple Bed

Whether sleeping through the night or briefly relaxing on a lazy Sunday, a bed is a fundamental and important piece that shapes the décor and style of the room it is in. Furnishings like dressers and desks and nightstands are important too, but what should mainly be considered in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. Bed and bed frames come in several different sizes, colors and styles depending on the needs of the user or the size of the room. For instance, a purple bed frame can match with various pieces of furniture, with lighting fixtures or even with the colors of the walls or the sights outdoors. When pieces match together, they form a sense of symmetry in the space, which helps establish flow, a concept needed by humans to feel more relaxed and welcome. This sense of flow brings a peaceful feeling to the room and the user of the room, whether they are a frequent user or a guest. Although the bed is the biggest part of the bedroom (and arguably the most important) it is important to also plan out the entire room, though, to make sure everything fits right and looks nice before the purchasing begins.

Other Considerations

Part of planning the room involves the selection of furniture and lighting fixtures. The style is not the only choice to be made, however. Also the color has to be decided and the size of each piece has to be determined to ensure it all works in the room. If going for a multi-colored room, a purple bed could work well as it either matches with other purple items or complements differently colored pieces with the same tone.

For lighting, a side table lamp near the bed is a common addition so that reading or other tasks can be done in bed before turning out the lights for the night. String lights for the bedroom are also a worthy choice. String lights provide a sense of casual fun, of whimsy, while also providing a bright glow. The string lights can also be moved around or mounted elsewhere, providing a sense of personal space that can shift with the current mood.