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Modern Bath Accessories

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  • MENOTO Bathroom Collection
    11 Product Options
    $9499 - $39999
  • SONO Bathroom Collection
    5 Product Options
    $1999 - $5299
  • NEXIO Bathroom Collection
    8 Product Options
    $3699 - $14399
  • Stick Collection
    16 Product Options
    $5680 - $22480
  • SONO Pedal Bin Wastepaper Basket
  • Menu Bath Series
    7 Product Options
    $6995 - $51995
  • MENOTO Towel Stand
    $18399 - $24399
  • Bath Pedal Bin
    $24995 - $35995
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  • NEXIO Paper Hand Towel Dispenser
    $13399 - $14399
  • SONO Soap Dispenser
  • Cosmic Inside Collection
    3 Product Options
    $7680 - $15520
  • SONO Bathroom Toilet Brush
  • Inside Free Standing Soap Dispenser
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  • Edition 11 Towel Ring
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  • Beret Storage Box
    2 Size Options
    $16800 - $21900
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  • MODO Bath Collection
    7 Product Options
    $2499 - $12899
  • AREO Bathroom Collection
    15 Product Options
    $3599 - $15299
  • SONO Bathroom Tumbler
  • VISTA Vanity Mirror
  • SONO Oval Tray
  • ARA Bathroom Collection
    3 Product Options
    $2999 - $5199
  • MODO Soap Dispenser
  • MODO Toilet Brush
  • VIPO Shower Squeegee with Hanger

Why We Love Modern Bathroom Accessories

The toilet and sink are transformed into a throne room when modern bath accessories are on the scene. They can add humor, color, and professionalism, provide storage for soap and tissue paper, and give normal bath items a home (like bath towels, robes and the all-important toilet brush). Specialty incense burners can provide a fresh fragrance as well as complement the design concept of the space. There's no end to the benefits of bath accessories!

Where Bathroom & Vanity Accessories Work Best

Bath and toilet accessory items and hardware lend themselves to functional purposes like holding towels, toilet paper rolls, soap, and more. They exist simply to make your bathroom functions easy. However, while providing a utilitarian role in the restroom, you'll also notice their ability to enhance the decor of the space. A mat or utility rug on the floor creates a soft, comfortable feel the room will appreciate. And the assortment of grooming accessories makes getting ready in the morning a more enjoyable experience. Many modern bath accessories also translate to the kitchen space too, like the soap dispensers and stainless steel trash bins.

Modern Bath Accessories for Every Style

As a frequently visited room of the home, you want your choice of accessories and decor to sparkle. Find accessories and hardware that best represents your aesthetics, while also accomplishing the task they need to. For contemporary bath and vanity areas, complement the decor with stainless steel bath accessories from the Blomus catalog. You'll appreciate the sleek look they bring to the bathroom and you can find plenty of other contemporary bathroom accessories from Blomus to spread to other areas of the home. Achieve a fun and playful appearance with decorative knick-knacks from the Italian Design Factory, Alessi. And lastly, keep your floors cushy and well-protected with mats from Chilewich.

Choosing the Best Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

Finding the right toilet accessories for your throne room comes down to your personal preferences and whatever the task is you need to complete. Take a look at your bathroom's current landscape to identify what might be missing. Is it is a decorative soap dispenser next to the sink? A shelf for towels and storage of other items? Or maybe it's a fun floss holder acting as a reminder? Find items that represent your style while keeping an eye out for colors and finishes that will blend in well among the existing decor. And no need to worry about where you can use these accessories - a lot of accessories for the bathroom are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, durable thermoplastic resin, and hardy porcelain, designed specifically for heavy use in areas where water is present, like the bath or shower. If you have any questions about the bath accessories featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

You may also want a mirror to enhance the vanity area. Wall-mounted mirrors are offered with storage shelves, as well as options that include integrated light kits. Appropriate task lighting is also a necessity in the vanity. Whether you are putting on makeup or brushing you teeth, just the right amount of light is needed. Browse the collection of bathroom light fixtures to find the perfect combination of task and ambient illumination. Finally, if it is additional storage you need, be sure to see the bathroom furniture category for shelving, carts and more.

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