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Purple Bathroom + Vanity Lights

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Color: Purple
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  • isskuS7 Juni 10 Vanity Light
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  • isskuS7 Juni 10 Wall Sconce

Purple Bathroom Vanity

For a more vibrant or exotic look in a new bathroom or an existing bathroom’s remodel, consider the addition of a purple vanity light. Purple was once a color difficult to obtain, afforded only by the wealthy, and although it is now commonly acquired it still holds a sense of regal stature when introduced correctly to the room. A purple bathroom vanity will bring a bold look to the space, one that is dark but colorful, impressing family and friends with a color scheme not often seen in modern spaces.

Vanity lights mount to the wall near a mirror, typically above one but can also be along the side. This type of light will contain an LED mounted within, hiding inside a shade such as a glass or metal tube. The shape ensures a full glow in the room, meaning all grooming and bathroom activities can be done with ease.

Other Considerations

When adding purple light fixtures, try to match each fixture with the same tone of purple, as they can easily clash if bright and dark purples are tried to be brought together. When adding a purple light to the bathroom, try to ensure symmetry by adding multiple purple fixtures. The most common additions will be purple wall sconces and purple ceiling lights such as pendants or flush mounts. These ceiling lights bring a glow down into the room, while wall sconces bring an accent light that may reach part of the bathroom the ceiling lights and vanity light cannot reach.

As with any fixture, make sure to measure the dimensions of the piece and the room it is going into before purchasing. Even if the layers of light in the room will be full and appealing, and even if the color scheme matches and creates a satisfying style in the room, the size of the fixture can clash if it is not correct. A fixture that is too large or too small will interrupt the sense of flow in the room, negating the benefits of the correct color scheme and even lighting display. In this way, the size, color and style are all equally important to creating an appealing living space.