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Pink Bathroom + Vanity Lights

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Color: Pink
  • isskuS7 Thorello LED Vanity Light
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Pink Vanity Light

For lighting a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, consider the addition of a pink vanity light. Vanity lights are mounted to the wall near a mirror, typically above one but can also be along the side. The vanity light will consist of a series of light bulbs or an LED mounted to an elongated backplate. The shape of the back ensures a full glow in the room, meaning all grooming and bathroom activities can be done with ease. An LED is smaller than a traditional incandescent bulb and allows for more creative and elaborate designs such as with the diode hidden within a metal or glass tube.

A pink bathroom light will brighten the décor and mood of the bathroom even when the fixture is not turned on. The light coloring helps bring a cheerful demeanor, establishing a happy feel at the beginning and end of each day.

Other Considerations

When adding pink light fixtures, try to match each fixture together such as with the right tone. A hot pink and a light pink will clash even if they are kind of the same color. When introducing a pink bathroom light to the room, add multiple fixtures to ensure a sense of symmetry is established. Pink ceiling lights will help keep the theme going as family and friends or anyone in the room can make the connection between the vanity light and the ceiling light. Wall sconces are also a favored choice in the room, able to provide accent light from where they mount on the wall. This accent light may be able to reach places the vanity light or ceiling light (either flush mount or pendant) cannot, further ensuring a full glow is in the room and that all tasks can be seen with ease.

As with any fixture, make sure to measure the dimensions of the piece and the room it is going into before purchasing. Even if the light will be full and even or the color will match the scheme established in the room, if the fixture is too small or too big it will clash with the sense of the space, disrupting flow.