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Bath & Vanity Lights

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2274 Results
  • Ledge Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall Sconce
    3 Size Options
    $19900 - $42900
  • Vega LED Bath Bar
    2 Size Options
    $26040 - $39480
  • Vega Minor LED Bath Bar
    3 Size Options
    $12600 - $45570
  • Alluria Bath Bar
    $21995 - $37495
  • Stix LED Bath Bar
    4 Size Options
    $41000 - $73000
  • Spec Vanity LED Bath Bar
    5 Size Options
    $8200 - $21800
  • Rona LED Bath Bar
    $20580 - $21210
  • Tube LED Wall Sconce
  • Vogue LED Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $17900 - $21900
  • Tube P5044 LED Bath Bar
  • Saber Bath Bar
  • Stiletto LED Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $74000 - $86000
  • Linger Wall Sconce
    $31400 - $43400
  • Facet LED Bath Bar
    2 Size Options
    $35900 - $44900
  • Saber LED Bath Bar
  • Octave Bath Bar
    $12600 - $21800
  • Slide LED Wall Sconce
    $29900 - $33700
  • Norfolk LED Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $12600 - $17010
  • Level LED Bath Bar
    3 Size Options


    $20315 - $30515 $239.00 - $359.00
  • Vanity Slim LED Bath Bar
    3 Size Options
  • Drake Bath Bar
    $21800 - $37200
  • Vetri LED Bath Bar
    2 Size Options
    $39900 - $49900
  • Lampe Gras No 304 Bath Wall Sconce
  • Norma 65 Bath Bar


    $52560 $657.00

Why We Love Vanity Lights

Bath and vanity lights are a key component of modern bathroom lighting. The sheer versatility of these lights allows them to instantly illuminate small spaces and provide concentrated lighting that’s perfect for daily grooming. From minimalist light bars with clean lines to more traditional styles with multiple glass shades, there is guaranteed to be a bath light that adds to the modern aesthetic of your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Sizes & Styles

Whether you want something subtle like a flush mount bathroom light or something bold like a vanity pendant light, there are plenty of options to fit your personal style. LED bathroom vanity lights have the same effortlessly chic look as other lights, but with the addition of energy efficient technology. The high-powered, concentrated shine of these lights is perfect for the bathroom but also works in other places around both homes and businesses.

Bathroom Vanity Lights FAQs

Q: Should Vanity Lights be Up or Down?

A: Because vanity lights are often used above the mirror, or from a similarly high vantage point, we suggest installing them angled downwards. But, plenty of options provide a general shine, as opposed to a directional one.

Q: Should Vanity Lights Hang Over the Mirror?

A: Certain styles of modern vanity lights are designed to hang over the mirror, but that isn’t your only choice. Wall sconces on either side of the mirror and ceiling lighting are also popular options.

Q: What Color Should Vanity Lights Be?

A: Color temperature is important in the bathroom because it’s where you perform all of your grooming tasks. For this reason, we suggest a color temperature that’s as close to daylight as possible, somewhere in the range of 4,000K to 5,000K.

Q: What is a Damp-Rated Light?

A: Damp-rated lights are lights that are able to withstand exposure to excess moisture. You can’t submerge damp-rated lights, but they’ll be fine with the extra condensation that occurs in bathrooms.

Favorite Bathroom Vanity Lighting Colors & Finishes

Vanity lighting has evolved over the years and today, a stunning array of options are available for any home. Bathroom light bars are the perfect minimalist pieces with their ultra simple shape and clean, sleek lines. However, if you want a more decorative option, there are plenty of those to choose from as well. Mid-century modern inspired pieces have a timeless look with graceful globe shapes and rich tones.

Other Considerations

Vanity lights aren’t the only type of lighting you need in your bathroom. Bathroom sconces can be used as well, and there is a myriad of options with a soft light that’s ideal for ambiance and general lighting. Bathroom mirrors with lights are a two in one piece that are both functional and sleek.