Bath & Vanity Lights

Why We Love Bath & Vanity Lights

Bath and vanity lights are an essential part of any modern bathroom. The sheer versatility of vanity lights allows them to instantly illuminate small spaces and provide concentrated lighting that’s perfect for the daily grooming of everyone in the family. The right bathroom lighting transforms a space, especially when paired with matching fixtures. From minimalist bath bars with clean lines to more traditional styles with multiple glass shades, there is guaranteed to be a bath light that adds to the modern aesthetic of your bathroom.

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Where Vanity Lighting Works Best: Finding the Right Fixture for Your Purpose

Without a doubt, vanity lighting is well-suited to both commercial and residential bathrooms. However, these lights are also functional in other spaces such as dressing rooms, walk-in closets, photography studios, and salons. Vanity mirrors with lights serve multiple purposes and work to illuminate small spaces, provide concentrated task lighting, or brighten spaces with little to no natural light. Smaller bath lights are ideal for half-baths and smaller bathrooms but can also be arranged in multiples for larger spaces. Two or three light fixtures and look great above sinks and single LED vanity lights are ideal for surrounding makeup vanities.

If you plan to use vanity lighting, consider the purpose it will serve in your space. For bathrooms, the fixture must be wet or damp rated to ensure both the safety and continued functionally of the light. For other areas, consider whether you need ambient or task lighting. Dressing rooms and studios benefit from bright , while hallways or nooks may require dimmer light. For even more flexibility, choose a fixture that is compatible with multiple bulb wattage levels.

Best Styles of Vanity Lights: Vertical & Horizontal Sconces

Modern vanity and have evolved over the years and today, a stunning array of options are available for any space. Popular contemporary brands include and , both specializing in forward-thinking designs that support light sources ranging from energy-efficient LEDs to decorative incandescent lamping.

For minimalist and contemporary decor, offer s a range of single and multi-light bath and vanity fixtures. For more refined contemporary fixtures, offers striking glass and metal lights that add modern sophistication, while specializes in eye-catching bath fixtures with gleaming glass shades, linear fixtures with bright LEDs, and contemporary bathroom sconces.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity Lights

With so many brands, sizes, and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the best bathroom vanity lighting. To make the process easier, start by evaluating the intended space. This includes the space’s square-footage, the style of existing décor and fixtures (or intended décor for new construction or remodeled spaces), as well as what purpose the new bath fixture will serve.

Aside from considering elements in the intended space, be sure to infuse your own personal style as much as possible. If your style is more traditional, avoid ultra-modern fixtures. If you prefer brighter lighting, opt for . No matter your preference, there’s guaranteed to be a lighting option that is both attractive and functional.

Other Considerations

Aside from the aesthetics of your new bathroom fixture, there are a few other things to be mindful of before deciding on a fixture. Ease of installation and ongoing maintenance are definitely worth considering before making a purchase. Some light fixtures require expert installation by a qualified electrician and choosing a fixture that’s compatible with existing wiring is critical. Ongoing maintenance should also be considered, so choosing bulb types that are easy to replace is a good idea.

Go for vanity lights that are part of a coordinating line of , , and for a coordinated look. No matter your style or where you intend to put a new bathroom or vanity fixture, the choices are virtually endless. From LED bath bars to multi-light vanity lighting in with traditional silhouettes, you’re sure to find a visually appealing fixture.

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Bath & Vanity Lights