The Axis71 Story

Situated in a 1940s refurbished dairy in Hoegaarden, Belgium, Axis71 is an haute couture lighting company that began as a gallery in 1971 Paris. Originally named Axis, the suffix “71” was added to commemorate the founding year. Quality and design are engrained in Axis71’s values, as well as creating collectable products that will stay with the customer for years.

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The expansion and success of the company can be attributed to manager Patrick Vossen, who believes “the strength of [the] collection comes from the balance between the used materials and the design, but also from our finishing touch.” Whether creating a new design or reworking a classic from previous collaborations, Axis71 upholds a couturier status in the lighting field.

Why We Love Axis71 Lighting

Solely based in Belgium today, Axis71 is known for working with top designers such as Stéphane Lebrun, Henriette Michaux and Christophe Gevers. Designs from Christophe Gevers can still be seen in Axis71’s collection today, showing that good design never goes out of style. This appreciation for the past does not overshadow attention to current environmental concerns—most of the designs are compatible with LED light bulbs.

Fun Facts About Axis71

Axis71 lighting fits a modern aesthetic with a luxurious quality that can place the designs in the grandest of settings. Pieces from the Manhattan collection were installed in the Château de l'Ardoisière in Jodoigne, Belgium and pendants and floor lamps from the Charles collection can be found in the Château Le Vert in Bordeaux, France.

Noteworthy Products from Axis71

The Axis71 Memory XXL Floor Lamp is a grandiose fixture that awes with strong geometry and opulent color schemes. The large overhanging shade demands attention, producing a light that alters with the different color interiors.

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