The Authentics Story

Based in Gutersloh, Germany, Authentics is a designer of quality home hardware and accessories. As it has been since its founding in 1981, the company is owned and operated by the Flototto family. They founded Authentics under the belief that everyday objects are typical and, by extension, authentic. From there, the company's goal has been to equate authenticity with beauty and quality, with a little uniqueness thrown in for good measure. So for more than 30 years, Authentics has put its mark on tableware, bathroom accessories, travel accessories, home storage and more, effectively turning the mundane into something special.

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Why We Love Authentics

So, what is authentic, really? According to the founders of Authentics, it is what's simple and everyday. But what is everyday doesn't necessarily have to mean plain or boring. As they put it, "Simple things, like wastepaper baskets and toothbrush cups, should look better, be sensuous and not just functional." In other words, the products that Authentics designs are still suitable for day-to-day use, but are so finely designed and manufactured that they don't feel common. Colorful, well-made and fun to use, Authentics products can actually bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm to everyday tasks.

A Fun Fact About Authentics

Authentics is a relatively young member of the Flototto design empire. The Flototto brand actually began back in 1906 as a cabinet maker, with a swift transition made to modern furniture. Today, Flototto continues to produce contemporary furniture as part of the Elmar Flototto Holding family of brands, which also includes Authentics, elmarflototto, Sitting Bull, Lumibar and annaflototto.

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