Arpel Lighting

The Arpel Lighting Story

Founded by FX Ballery in 2009, Arpel Lighting is a French design brand with a minimalistic approach to lighting and LED technology. Being a designer himself, Ballery is also the artistic mind behind Arpel Lighting, and he has created a collection that is intended to be “functional, distinguished and connected to its environment.”

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Arpel Lighting’s line of table lamps are ultra-thin aluminum and steel structures, and work to be as discreet as possible while still providing ample accent lighting. This allows the light to breathe and become an integral part of the design, falling perfectly in line with the three principles mentioned above.

Why We Love Arpel Lighting

Just like people, Arpel Lighting’s designs have the ability to exhibit two personalities at once. On the one hand, they seem introverted with their minimal silhouettes, seeming to blend into their environment—yet on the other, their light output has extroverted tendencies. Once lit, the high-end frames are able to create vibrant accent light that instantly enhances the spaces they are in.

Fun Facts About Arpel Lighting

In addition to directing Arpel Lighting, FX Ballery is a well-established and respected designer in the industry. For example, he is a double prize winner of the “Comité Colbert Jeunes Talents Award” (Colbert Committee Young Talent Award) for Chanel and Hermes.

Noteworthy Products from Arpel Lighting

The Arpel Lighting Up LED Table Lamp may be slender in form, but the amount of light diffused from behind the frame is what makes this design. A single piece of aluminum rises from a matching square base, concealing the LED modules from view when aimed properly.

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Arpel Lighting