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Just because a workspace is meant for working doesn’t mean it has to look drab. Welcome a wave of style into the workday doldrums with these modern office essentials. From rugs to chairs to clocks, here are 7 ways to make your workspace a modern one.


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Modern Desks

Conrad Desk:Compact with a walnut finish and distinct
mid-century leanings.

1Decide on a desk.

There are certain key pieces any workspace needs. A desk is one of those office anchors that happens to be packed with potential to express your style while also meeting the practical needs of the day to day.

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Modern Storage

WonderWall Shelf (2 Pack):The polished look of custom cabinetry with
the strength of steel shelves

2Make space for storage.

Storage might be one of the humblest categories of office furniture, but with a modern touch, you can turn shelves, credenzas and cabinets into some of the most stylish pieces in your collection.

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Modern Chairs

RIN Swivel Chair with Castors:Beautiful, practical and inspired by a
bird's nest.

3Get comfortable.

You don't have to compromise comfort and ergonomics for style with these modern desk chairs. The perfect blend of office practicality and modern design, you’re sure to find one you love.

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Modern Desk Lamps

Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp:A miniature version of the classic with
award-winning engineering and full adjustability.

4Shed some light on the subject.

Proper illumination is an essential element in making the desk a productive place. Find one that fits your style and that offers adjustability and brightness to fit your needs.

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Modern Office Accessories

Mini Retro Bullet Planter:A little retro style, perfect for shelves,
counters and tabletops.

5Build in mood boosters.

From planters to diffusers to magazine racks, accessories are the perfect way to combine business and pleasure.

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Modern Organization

VELIO Glass Magnet Board:A sleek way to organize notes and lists,
complete with inside compartment.

6Keep the little things in order.

Modern office designs mean you no longer have to decide between staying organized or following your vision for a contemporary workspace.

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Modern Time

QLOCKTWO LARGE Wall Clock:Laser cut in three feet of stainless
steel with LED illumination.

7Stay on schedule.

On the desk or on the wall—keep your daily tasks on track with a clock that takes typical office fare and transforms it into a modern fixture worth fixating on.

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