Wine & Bar Accessories

Lumens' selection of wine and bar accessories is truly buzz-worthy. Whether your preference is for fine wine or something a bit stronger, here you will find all kinds of items to make cocktail time even more fun and festive. Get the party started with quirky corkcrews and bottle openers, mix things up with sleek stainless steel shakers and glass decanters and, finally, enjoy the fruits of your bartending labors by sipping from any of our fine glassware.

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Where Wine & Bar Accessories Work Best

Getting such lovely bar accessories is a great excuse to set up a dedicated bar area in the kitchen, dining room or living room. (Or they can really dress up the one you already have). Repurpose a bookcase, old desk or console table. Or find a wheeled trolley to store your bottles, glassware and tools--just in case you ever need to prepare cocktails on the move.

Other Great Options

Find more liquor-worthy vessels in our full range of Tabletop & Entertaining items. At the same time, you will find bowls, dishes and trays for serving nibbles to go along with your finest alcoholic concoctions. And for a similar assortment of accessories that you can gift, look to all of the fun options in the Gift Guide.

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