Wall Spotlights

When it comes to adjustable display and task lighting, nothing is as easy to control as wall spotlights. It's as simple as reaching up and tilting the light as desired. Such ease of use translates into lighting versatility. Wall spot lighting fixtures are ideal in both residential and commercial interiors to wash a wall with light, showcase an architectural feature or highlight a piece of artwork. Many of the spotlights included here can do all these things at once, with several adjustable spotlights incorporated into one fixture.

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Where Wall Spotlights Go Best

For use as living room lighting, point wall spotlights upward as a wall wash and indirect ambient light. Point them downward for tabletop display lighting in the dining room or use them for bright reading light for your office lighting. In the bedroom, wall spotlighting can be combined with a light dimmer to be used for mood lighting or reading light. Look to the selection of contemporary dimming switches from Adorne to keep the room looking modern.

Other Great Options

If you love these spotlights, then you will also love the adjustability of contemporary ceiling spotlights overhead as part of a monorail system or grouped together in a track lighting system. (In fact, you will find many spotlights interchangeable between the wall or ceiling). And you can find similar adjustability on the wall in the selection of available reading lights with or without a swing arm for convenience.

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