Sconces with Switches

Lights with on/off switches are more than average wall sconces. Sconces with switches are convenient, above all. They are often paired with pin-up kits, making it easy to uninstall and reposition as the mood suits you, and they sometimes have two different lights involved in the design: a typical sconce for ambient light and an adjustable spotlight for reading. The styles aren't just traditional, either. There are many really cool contemporary wall sconces with switches that match modern decor without negating their functional benefits.

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Where Sconces with Switches Work Best

Sconces with switches work best in reading nooks and on each side of the bed to aid in late night reading. The variety of styles accommodate practically any space, whether it's decorated minimally or a bit more funky and contemporary with designs from Droog and Ingo Maurer. And since many of these types of lights come in single-shade as well as double-shade designs, they're beneficial in a range of room sizes.

Other Great Options

The Bruno Scissor Arm Pharmacy Sconce from Robert Abbey is a favorite among wall lamps with switches. And if you like this selection of sconces, you'll be sure to enjoy the large selection of reading lights and swing arm wall lights for bedside reading. If you are in the market for a reading light in the living room, be sure to check out the selection of reading lamps.

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