Wall Fans

Gone are the days of the flimsy white plastic fan. Restoration style pieces are weathered, time tested and dependable. Many of our Restoration table fans and wall fans embody this style and live up to the quality, two excellent characteristics we look for in desirable design. Perfect for the wandering nomad, desk fans and table fans can travel with you when transplanting to a new locale, and their smaller sizes give them the ability to cool specific areas, too, aided by their oscillating movement.

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Where Wall Mounted Fans Work Best

Wall mounted fans are fun to have in the living room for a punch of Restoration or Retro design, becoming part of the wall art while providing an important cooling service at the same time. Dens, studies, and other smaller rooms are perfect places for wall and table fans, clearing the air and freshening up the atmosphere when ceiling fans just won't fit. See Fanimation or Matthews Fan Company for the best selection in Restoration and Retro style wall mount fans.

Other Great Options

Floor fans and desk fans add similar design strength while offering the same room-to-room and house-to-house portability. Wondering if you should choose a wall, table or floor fan? See our Fan Buyer's Guide for expert tips and answers on all fan questions.

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