WAC Picture & Display Lights

Picture lighting gracefully spotlights your finest and favorite works of art in key areas of the home. This unique lighting style commands attention and provides an appropriate amount of light to clearly show off your portraits and displays. WAC Lighting carries an extensive selection of picture and display lighting designs, including hardwired picture lights as well as lights featuring a cord and plug.

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WAC picture lighting helps to create an eye-catching corner of your home without disrupting your existing lighting system. And WAC Lighting places a strong focus on energy-efficient lighting options and therefore offers many lighting designs that feature LEDs for the ultimate quality and sustainability.

Why We Love WAC Picture & Display Lights

When you decide to show off a picture or a piece of artwork in the living room or hallway, a lot of thought goes into where you will hang it and how you will ensure it gets a proper amount of light. Display lighting by WAC is available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to allow you to create just the right effect for your artwork and photographs. The designs are sleek and unassuming, leaving your framed works in full focus and on perfect display. These picture and display lights are also available with different mounts that make it easy to attach to the wall, and in some cases, to the artwork itself.

Other Great Options

Once you have a fine quality picture light in place, your treasured pieces attract the attention they deserve. If you'd like to outfit other rooms of your home with classy and modern light fixtures, consider other styles in the WAC Lighting collection. Indoor and outdoor wall lights and sconces create the perfect mood while adding a tremendous amount of functional lighting. And the selection of WAC's track lighting and monorail lighting kits allow you to add additional focus to certain corners of the room while other ceiling light options take a bigger focus for their own gorgeous, contemporary construction.

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