Uplights & Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps and uplight floor lamps add a unique dimension to spaces that normal ceiling lights and wall lights simply aren't able to do. The height and portability of this style of floor lamp gives them a unique personality and allows them to become more than a light fixture; like a piece of furniture, they are a presence in the overall design scheme. They provide overall lighting, but uplight floor lamps also have the ability to brighten darker corners or create bursts of up-light along an extended wall.

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Where Uplights & Torchieres Work Best

Place several torchiere lamps along an extended wall or at columns to create a strong dramatic effect against neighboring surfaces. Or light up a living room or entryway area with these well-placed floor lamps. Many of these types of floor lights work well as reading lamps, so there's an element of adjustability that is especially great for near the recliner when reading late at night.

Other Great Options

Robert Abbey offers many functional uplight floor lamps, while Pablo Pardo has a selection floor torchiere lamps to fit more of a contemporary living space. Break down this category and find just what you need by checking out reading floor lamps and torchieres with reading lights. And if an uplight floor lamp doesn't do the trick, be sure to see the selection of available wall uplights.

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