Underwater, Pond & Fountain Lights

There's no better way to highlight your beautiful water features than to add pond lights. This type of landscape lighting filters up through the water and brings fountains, waterfalls and koi ponds to life, its refracted light rippling across dry surfaces and adding more movement and energy. Underwater pond lighting also adds an important element of safety and eliminates black holes from the yard. Whether fully submerged or lighting a water feature from the surface, pond lights are an easy and inexpensive way to instantly change your landscape.

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Where Pond Lights & Fountain Lights Work Best

There are many kinds of water features that benefit from pond lights, such as tiered waterfalls, koi ponds, fountains and path-side creeks. They usually come with a long cable to accommodate for long distance wiring needs, and many of these types of lights can be daisy-chained should the water feature require more than one spotlight. Unfortunately, some designs aren't appropriate for pools or spas, so be sure to check the details of each fixture to know exactly what each design requires.

Other Great Options

For more simple solutions to accenting your yard, take a look at landscape lighting and outdoor path lights. You are sure to find a fixture from Kichler Lighting, Maxim Lighting or Hinkley Lighting that will perfect the illumination of your yard.

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