The Two.Parts Story

Newly launched in 2016, is a studio brand that has brought on a new generation of ceramic lighting by exploring a new frontier of production: 3-D printing. Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities digital modelling has to offer, has assembled a focused collection of ceramic pendant lamps, promoting a clear vision of simplicity—and illuminative sophistication.

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By applying this method to a traditional material, has unlocked a new medium for lighting, bringing ceramic into the digital age. Each piece has its own story to tell, reducing familiar forms to abstract shapes and silhouettes. All of’ pendants are primarily made in Belgium and assembled in the USA.

Why We Love Two.Parts Lighting

Since has designed ceramic to accommodate LED technology, any semblance of wiring or the source of the LED light are hidden from view. As a result, the ethereal light seems intangible, making each design an intriguing piece to witness once lit.

Fun Facts About Two.Parts

Even in their debut year as a lighting brand, has already been shortlisted for the “Best Product Design” for the 2016 Blueprint Awards.

Noteworthy Products from Two.Parts

Elemental in every sense of the word, the Atom LED Mini Pendant is basic in shape, yet represents an essential part of life. Made from 3-printed glazed ceramic, the Atom is actually quite complex, yet finds simplicity in minute details. A bright LED module sits at the base of the structure, shining the light up in to the Atom, only manifesting as a glowing and mysterious source of light.

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