Track Parts & Accessories

As a finished system, track lighting is known for its understated contemporary style and super functional, directional light. Individual track lighting components add even greater functionality, allowing you to personalize track systems to your exact specifications. Need a track that's ten feet long? No problem. Need another adjustable track head? Just add one. Track components make it easy to configure your system from scratch or to adapt an existing one.

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Where Track Components Work Best

Track lighting is best suited for larger spaces that require task lighting in multiple areas at one time. The various work spaces in the kitchen would be a prime example, as well as in the living room or office.

Other Great Options

You can also find ready-made track lighting kits from SATCO Lighting, Kichler and Access Lighting, with all the components you'll need for quick and easy track lighting installations. If you need a bit more versatility, consider using a monorail lighting system.

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