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Track and Monorail Lighting

Track and Monorail Systems

For flexible lighting, get on board with monorail and track lights.

Why We Love Track & Monorail Systems

Our favorite fixtures are those that 1) look great and 2) are easy to use. Both things are inherent to monorail lighting and track lighting systems. Track systems have been the display lighting fixtures of choice for decades, with a row of adjustable spotlights set along a rigid track. Monorail systems provide even greater lighting flexibility--literally--with bendable rails and an amazing selection of adjustable spotlights and decorative mini pendant lights. Both types of systems accommodate interchangeable elements, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content.

Where Track & Monorail Lighting Goes Best

The modernity of the technology in general makes track and monorail lighting especially ideal in contemporary settings. Use contemporary track lighting for hallway lighting to highlight art work along the wall or use a track system for directional lighting in a modern living room. Living room track lighting can highlight artwork or provide spotlighting over your entertainment center. You can also use curvaceous monorail systems for kitchen lighting to provide both directional task lighting for work surfaces as well as eye-catching drops of color.

Other Great Options

Consider using light switch dimmers to control the amount of light output from your track and monorail system. Adorne by Legrand offers many options that work well with most modern track lighting and monorail lighting.You can get similar wall washing, accent lighting and general ambient lighting effects in modern spaces with lower profile recessed lighting. You'll also want to see the selection of wall-mounted picture lights as another way to highlight the artwork in your home.

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