Tom Dixon Tables

Tables serve the important purpose of bringing people together in your home. Options like dining tables and coffee tables act as centerpieces, while side tables can provide the perfect accent to complement your other furniture. Tom Dixon tables perfectly highlight the designer's vision by combining an homage to British heritage with elements that embody the spirit of the industrial process. Made with materials that range from marble to brass to wood to aluminum, the tables by Tom Dixon are all unique, and they can be used to enhance the look and feel of any home.

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Why We Love Tom Dixon Tables

Everything about Tom Dixon's style evokes the essence of British industrialism--from the designs to the manufacturing process. Rather than focusing purely on aesthetics like many designers, Tom Dixon takes a more hands-on approach and has been inspired by visits to the factories to see how things are actually made. The Tom Dixon Screw Table was directly influenced by the Industrial Revolution, and it combines functionality with ruggedness by featuring an aluminum screw stem that can be turned to adjust the height of the tabletop. Meanwhile, the Tom Dixon Fan Table is the designer's take on the spindles of the iconic British Windsor chair, and it juxtaposes the lightweight wooden base against the heavy and solid dining surface.

Gem Tables give a nod to the mining industry with their sharp angles that resemble those of gemstones. Rather than polishing the sand-cast aluminum, it's left coarse for a natural feel. Even the Slab Dining Table--one of the most traditional Tom Dixon designs--combines the linear tabletop with angular legs in a unique way, while incorporating the finest solid oak. The self-taught Dixon becomes a master of every new material that he incorporates into his modern tables. The designer draws on his British roots to solidify a cultural identity that shines through in every piece his company creates.

Other Great Options

You can bring your room together with the design aesthetic unique to Tom Dixon. The designer's seating assortment features several products that pair perfectly with Tom Dixon dining tables. Options like the Fan Stool and Slab Chair are made to complement the tables in the same collections. Tom Dixon is also widely renowned for bringing industrial angles and curves to lighting. Ceiling lights act as dramatic accent pieces that also help illuminate any space, and the designer makes sleek pendant lights and chandeliers that feature handcrafted brass and copper. Other multi-dimensional pendants from Tom Dixon highlight the beauty of mathematics and geometry. In the floor and table lamps assortment, the Jack Light helped establish Dixon's reputation with its release in 1994 and is described by the designer as a "sitting, stacking, lighting thing."

Tom Dixon's affinity for exhibiting a devotion to tradition extends to his collections of eccentric home furnishings. Products like teapots, jugs, bottle openers, trays, mirrors and ice buckets combine form with function and add a unique beauty to typically ordinary objects. Other pieces like the Cast Shoe and Cast Mini Jack accentuate British heritage via eclectic decorative objects.

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