Tom Dixon Home Furnishings

Tom Dixon home furnishings are beautiful, clever and beloved by many. Home furnishings are all of those useful and beautiful things you fill your home with. They tell visitors who you are, and they bring pleasure and comfort to your living spaces. Some are beautiful--but essentially useless--baubles that are kept around for inspiration, while some are the essential things: dishes, appliances, lamps and mirrors. Combined, your home furnishings reveal a deeper side of you: your aesthetic, your personality, and the sorts of things that make you happy.

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Why We Love Tom Dixon Home Furnishings

This collection of home furnishings and decorative accents from Tom Dixon encompasses all of these things. Thanks to Tom Dixon's keen attention to shape and texture and his unique way of rethinking the practical, these pieces are surprising and delightful.

Long known for creating masterpieces of modern lighting, Tom Dixon's collection of tools for home entertaining are no less stunning, such as his mouth-blown glass and copper Tank Decanter, his gleaming copper and glass Plum Cocktail Set, and his Spun Champagne Bucket, a lean and shapely, hand-spun brass ice receptacle. His recent series of Scent Elements Diffusers are bold, beautiful and sensual, turning scent itself into an essential home furnishing that both pleases the eye and promotes a higher level well-being in the home. These are the small things that make a big impression, and they're just as important as the mainstays like the sofa, the dining table or the grand chandelier.

Other Great Options

If your home is furnished to the gills but you can't resist Tom Dixon's clever and beautiful designs, look no further than the collection of Tom Dixon accessories for those special folks who appear on your gift list throughout the year. Tom Dixon gifts are always a pleasure to receive, whether you choose his stark, copper-plated Cube Pen for your boss or stunning Brew Stovetop Espresso coffee pot for someone ultra-special. From scented candles and candle holders to gleaming copper desk accessories and all manner of jug, bowl, vase, scoop and decanter, Tom Dixon's talent for reinventing ubiquitous household items with an artistic eye makes his works as practical as they are luxurious.

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