Swing Arm Floor Lamps

Swing arm floor lamps combine portability with adjustability for fixtures of fantastic convenience. They are perfectly proportioned as reading lights, easily reached and adjusted by someone seated in an easy chair. Most of the swing arm floor lights offered at Lumens are streamlined and modern, but there are also more traditional options as well. So you can do paperwork, hobbies or read with ease in settings of any style.

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Where Swing Arm Floor Lamps Work Best

Swing arm lamps work particularly well when placed in your favorite reading spot (beside a cushy easy chair or sofa), beside a craft table or next to the desk in your office. An LED swing arm floor lamp by Koncept lighting or Holtkoetter will be a great source of light in any room, while also being energy efficient and cost effective.

Other Great Options

In the living room, a swinging floor lamp from Pablo allows you to read your favorite book with just the right amount of light. Try Pablo's Link Floor Lamp or the Brazo Floor Lamp for the perfect amount of task lighting and style. Swing arm wall lights provide similarly functional convenience and style, with the added benefit of freeing up floor space. Or for a dose of ambient light together with an adjustable reading lamp, there's a wide selection of combination torchiere floor lamps.

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