Swing Arm Floor Lamps

Swing arm floor lamps combine portability with adjustability for light fixtures of fantastic convenience. They are perfectly proportioned as reading lights, easily reached and adjusted by someone seated in an easy chair. Most of the swing arm floor lights offered at Lumens are streamlined and modern, but there are also more traditional options as well. So you can do paperwork, hobbies or read with ease in settings of any style.

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Where Swing Arm Floor Lamps Work Best

Swing arm floor lights often find their home in the living room, bedroom or in the home office. This style of floor lamp works particularly well when placed in your favorite reading spot (beside a cushy easy chair or sofa), beside a craft table or next to the desk in your home office. The versatility of an adjustable arm means you can have a wealth of task-oriented and focused light any time and anywhere you need it, simply by swinging the light source in the direction you need. If you are like us and like carving out some time to catch up on a good book, you'll especially love reading with the plentiful amount of light from a swing arm floor lamp. And in home offices, these lamps can assist you with filing paperwork or paying bills, in addition to provide a decorative lighting impact in the room.

A Swing Arm Floor Lamp for Every Style

A floor lamp with a swing arm seems like somewhat of a classic lighting choice, however, these options are meant to fit in a variety of interior design styles. If your preference leans more toward the transitional side of the decorative spectrum, you'll love the swing arm lamps from Robert Abbey, including designs that are akin to the familiar shape and style of pharmacy lamps. Pablo Lighting takes a purely modern approach to the swing arm lamp with a number of sleek fixtures that are guaranteed to stand out in a space. And an LED swing arm floor lamp from Koncept or Modern Forms will be a great source of light in any room, while also being energy efficient and cost effective.

Choosing the Best Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Because a swing arm floor lamp will facilitate a task like reading, you will want to thoroughly research a fixture to make sure it is the right fit for you and your space. Swing arm lamps are not noticeably large, however, the swinging arm will require plenty of room to stretch. When picking out a new floor lamp, be sure to review its sizing dimensions including its height, weight and length (how far the arm will reach), as well as it's lamping options to know what kind of light bulb you will need. If you have any questions about the swing arm floor lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Most of the lamps featured here serve a purpose of being highly stylish and acting as an effective type of reading light. If you are not in need of a reading lamp per se, you may want to see the collection of ambient floor lamps. Ambient floor lamps offer an abundance of general, warm light that is not always focused or used for certain tasks. And consider a multi-arm floor lamp if you require a fixture that can direct more than one point of light. Multi-arm or multi-bulb floor lamps are often adjustable and are also perfect for reading or task lighting. Finally, swing arm wall lights provide similarly functional convenience and style, with the added benefit of freeing up floor space.

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