Standard Socket

The Standard Socket Story

Connect + Design + Make is the simple mission of Standard Socket, a young company from Seattle, Washington that has combined the manufacturing and design process. Founded in 2012 by friends Dawna Holloway and Brian Beck of Eastbay Lighting, Hillary Rielly of Inform Interiors, and urbancase’s Darin Montgomery, Standard Socket aims to take a holistic approach to creating quality modern lights.

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By combining the manufacturing expertise of Eastbay Lighting with visionaries from all over the world, Standard Socket is able to make the designer’s vision come to life by helping them develop and modify their products. The result is an artistic synergy where creativity is able to flourish under the canopy of a manufacturing company that supports and contributes to the design process.

Why We Love Standard Socket Lighting

Standard Socket truly embraces up-and-comers. A diverse roster of designers contribute to the collections of Standard Socket, culminating in a wide range of products. Designers with different backgrounds and expertise are given creative license—the result is a strong design aesthetic with a youthful and playful feel. To keep the inspiration fresh, new designers will be introduced as well as new lighting collections each year.

Fun Facts About Standard Socket

Collaboration is the glue that holds Standard Socket together. Each founder and designer has multiple projects going on; for example, co-founder Darin Montgomery is also the founder of urbancase (a designer for Standard Socket) and Trey Jones not only has his own studio but also collaborates with Standard Socket and urbancase.

Noteworthy Products From Standard Socket

Ranging from Norway to North America, the designers of Standard Socket all have a philosophy in common: less is more. Cathrine Baekken has created an ethereal light based on the mooring buoys of coastal towns in her native home Norway, playfully named Booi, while Ladies & Gentlemen Studios has created the Spun Pendant; simple in design yet brilliantly executed. All of Standard Socket’s designs are skillfully crafted yet simple and modern.

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Standard Socket