Modern Office Desk Chairs

For most desk jockeys, the ubiquitous desk chair gets a whole lot of use over the course of a year. Investing in a high quality modern desk chair is essential for preventing fatigue and back strain and for ensuring the highest level of comfort while you're hard at work.

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One of the most important considerations when choosing a desk chair is adjustability. The ability to adjust seat and arm height, lumbar support, the angle of the seat and back and tension control is essential for all-day comfort. Another very important consideration is, of course, the way the chair looks. Modern office furniture doesn't have to be purely functional. It can be stunningly beautiful, too.

Why We Love Modern Desk Chairs

Both beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit in for hours on end, this collection of desk chairs ranges from mid-century modern to classic, contemporary styles that complement any office decor. And whether you need a task chair for the home office or the business office, here are you are guaranteed to find a variety that will fit your personal style.

Our Favorite Desk Chair Designs

We particularly love Vitra chairs, which combine clean lines and a wide variety of color options with optimum adjustability for a high level of comfort. With a design history as rich as the products offered from Vitra, you're guaranteed to find an office chair that looks and feels great. Vitra's MedaPal Chair, for example, is designed to conform perfectly to your body and posture. When it comes to modern office chairs, we adore the minimalism of Calligaris swivel task chairs and the playful shapes and color palettes of Kartell office chairs.

If you have any questions about the office and desk chairs featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Lighting is almost as important as the desk chair when it comes to a productive and healthy work environment. Dispense with the glaring overhead fluorescent lighting and choose from a wide variety of low-glare, high-design lighting options to illuminate your work space. One of our favorites is the Pablo Designs Pixo Optical Task Lamp, which features warm, bright light emanating from a rotating arm and head that makes it easy to adjust and direct the light to where you need it. This gorgeous modern lamp also features a USB port for charging your devices while you work (how convenient!).

Whether you need task, overhead or ambient lighting for your work space, you'll find it in every shape, size, style and color in the collection of modern office lighting.

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