Schmitt Design

The Schmitt Design Story

“I never aspired to be the mobile guy.” – Brian Schmitt.

Well, that’s a very good thing for design enthusiasts. Had he stopped at mobiles, we wouldn’t have his contemporary clocks, or his award-winning pendant lights, or, well, whatever he gets to next. But it did indeed start in 2005 with Adrift Mobiles. Minimal in aesthetic and organic in form, it’s a mesmerizing collection of nature-inspired modern mobiles. Schmitt Design was founded several years later, once those successful forays into clocks and lighting began to necessitate a name change for the expanding design business.

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Why We Love Schmitt Design

Sustainability. From the very beginning, Schmitt knew he wanted to utilize renewable materials in his design and minimize any waste. Working primarily with bamboo and veneer, and aligned closely with suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Schmitt makes the extra effort to minimize the company’s impact on the environment.

A Fun Fact About Schmitt Design

We’re neighbors! Schmitt Design is based right here in Sacramento, CA. We can actually walk to the company’s studio from Lumens HQ. We’re always super excited to discover great design, even more so when we find it almost literally around the corner from where we live.

Noteworthy Lighting From Schmitt Design

The Aspect Pendant is a winner. Literally. It was awarded the 2012 Dwell On Design Award For Best Lighting. Crafted in a partnership with an Oakland-based ceramics studio, it’s a fabulously faceted lamp, slip cast in translucent porcelain that allows for ample direct down light as well as an ethereal glow. Truly lovely.

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Schmitt Design