Recessed Trims

Once all the functional mechanisms are in place, the recessed trims are the decorative parts of recessed lighting, the visible components that determine its style. Their designs range from simple and understated plastic or metal to dramatically shimmering crystal and glass. And recessed trims are more than simply decorative.

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The choice of trim/internal baffle determines if recessed ceiling lights are fixed or adjustable, the depth and preciseness of their light and whether or not they're suitable for wet locations.

Where Recessed Light Trims Go Best

In kitchens or dining rooms, where the designs of other lighting fixtures will take center stage, keep your recessed trims low profile. As the primary lighting sources in hallways or entryways, however, feel free to amp up the sparkle factor of recessed lighting with colored glass or crystal trims and accessories.

Other Great Options

Then you need to have something for them to adorn. In order to get your recessed lighting powered, be sure to check out all the available recessed housings from Tech Lighting and WAC Lighting. (And make sure that the size of your housing corresponds with the size of the trim opening.) Using specialty LED trims will evenly diffuse the bright, energy efficient and long-lasting light of LEDs.

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