Reading & Swing Arm Wall Lights

Reading lights contribute to the overall interior lighting scheme with one very handy difference--they mount directly to the wall (and more specifically, the exact spot) where one might need to use it for reading or task work. The adjustable spotlight illumination can only be found in these reading lamps and swing arm lights, making them one of a kind. Many of them can also be dimmed at the fixture, adding even more convenience to an already superb design.

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Where Reading & Swing Arm Lights Work Best

This assortment of wall reading lamps is the ideal choice for spaces that need task-oriented lighting that can be mounted to the wall. Swing arm reading wall lights work really well for bedroom lighting, positioned on either side of the bed. Whether you enjoy reading in bed or just having a convenient light source next to you, will find it in a swing arm wall light. The dimming capabilities offered by these light fixtures mean one partner can read or work in bed without disturbing the other (which always nice). Contemporary reading lights also go well in the work space, above or right next to your modern office furniture, leaving much needed space open for paperwork, the laptop, books and other materials. Finally, any of these wall reading lights can also work well positioned on either side of the sofa, providing adjustable lighting for the living room.

A Reading Light for Every Style

The reading and swing arm light fixtures featured here can fit in a variety of decorative styles ranging from clean and contemporary to classic and traditional. Traditional styles and finishes from Robert Abbey can fit a wide variety of spaces including transitional and contemporary. Wall mounted reading lights from George Kovacs or Artemide are the perfect choice for modern rooms and if you prefer an energy efficient light fixture, be sure to see the offering of LED reading lights. LED reading and swing arm wall lights offer bright task lighting (ideal for reading), will last longer and will cost you less.

Other Great Options

A lot of reading lights and swing arm lamps are also available as plug-in wall lights, affording you the convenience and portability you may need in a wall light fixture. And for additional reading lighting, you may want to check out the selection of available floor reading lamps or a multi-arm floor lamp.

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