Radius Design

The Radius Design Story

Radius Design is based in Bruhl, Germany (about 12 miles south of Cologne). There it has produced modern home accessories and furnishings for more than 20 years under the leadership of Michael Rosing. From the very beginning, being able to find and improve the flaws in existing products is what has motivated Rosing in his designs.

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To this day, the desire to literally make things better remains the driving force behind the development and production of all the modern fireplaces, mailboxes, furniture and other modern home accessories that Radius creates.

Why We Love Radius Design

When it comes to the abundance of items on the market designed to make life comfortable, closer inspection reveals that quality is often sacrificed for quantity. Lamenting this fact, Radius believes that there should be fewer--but better--goods available for discriminating customers. That's why the Radius goal is to design indoor and outdoor furniture and home accessories that are "more functional, original and attractive than that which is already available."

A Fun Fact About Radius Design

For those seeking luxurious vacations, Radius Design offers "holiday houses" for lease on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Each of these homes of course feature plentiful home accessories and furniture from Radius Design as well as lighting from the Radius lighting brand, Absolut Lighting.

Noteworthy Products From Radius Design

It seems so common sense. The Letterman collection is a durable line of modern mailboxes, made out of stainless steel and accented by a porthole window that lets you see whether or not there's mail within. As part of the Home Flame collection, the Corner Flame Fireplace adds warmth and an ultra-contemporary accent within a minimum of space.

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Radius Design