The Punkt Story

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Punkt was founded in 2008 by technological entrepreneur Petter Neby. He and an eclectic team of international design professionals--including UK industrial designer Jasper Morrison, who became the Punkt art director--worked together to come up with electronic devices that were solid and simple in their design and use, "one device, one function."

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Designed by Morrison, their first product, the DP 01 Cordless Phone, debuted in January of 2011. The AC 01 Alarm Clock came out a few months later in April.

Why We Love Punkt Design

In a world where people's lives are becoming more and more complicated, Punkt uses a "back to basics" design approach in their creation of consumer electronics. Their goal is to make simple products that are simple to use, with a minimum of complicated features. You can take any Punkt phone or Punkt alarm clock out of its package and immediately begin using it, without having to pore for hours over a manual. Coupled with user-friendliness, the quality and sturdiness of Punkt products mean they will endure, making them an antidote to today's throw-away culture.

A Fun Fact About Punkt

The Punkt for Japan: Still Time to Help campaign was launched in 2011 shortly after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of the country. For this, Jasper Morrison designed a limited edition AC 01 Alarm Clock with colors resembling the Japanese flag. All profits from the sales of this clock went to Architecture for Humanity's efforts to rebuild the fishing village of Maeami, which was swept away by the tsunami.

Noteworthy Products From Punkt

The AC 01 Alarm Clock is simple, solid and easy to use, in its form and function embodying every design tenet that Punkt espouses. Punkt products are available through Ameico, which also distributes Santa & Cole, &Tradition and Essey.

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