Plug-In Wall Lights

With plug-in wall sconces, you don't have to be (or hire) a master electrician in order to have bright, functional wall lamp. Anywhere there's a nearby electrical outlet, even a layperson can easily install a plug-in light. Hang it on the wall, plug it in and you're good to go. Pin-up kits are usually offered as an option to direct wire installations but, with rigid cord covers matching the wall plate, still present a finished, permanent look. As such, the convenience of pin-up wall lights is well-matched by their sophisticated style.

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Where Plug-In Wall Lamps Work Best

While useful in any home, a plug-in wall sconce is particularly ideal in an apartment/rental, both for its easy transfer and minimal wall damage. Use in the bedroom (especially flanking the bed) or hallway or to illuminate a reading area in the living room. As soon as you want to position the wall lamp somewhere else, simply unplug it and move it to its new destination.

Other Great Options

If you like plug-in wall sconces, then you probably appreciate light paired with portability. In that case, our selection of table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps will be right up your alley. And for control convenience, the selection of pin-up lights overlaps quite a bit with that of wall sconces with switches.

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