Picture, Piano & Display Lighting

A picture is worth a thousand words, eloquence that is greatly assisted by well-situated lighting. Specialty picture lighting is mounted on the wall and arched and/or tilted downward to cast bright, glare-free light on a photo or other artwork. Much as a frame enhances the artwork it surrounds, so does the style of the display light.

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Picture lighting designs range from restoration-style light bars by Hudson Valley Lighting to ultra-contemporary picture lights, such as the adjustable spotlights offered in the line of available LBL Lighting display lights and WAC Lighting picture lights.

Where Picture, Display & Piano Lights Work Best

Picture and display lights are generally mounted immediately above a piece of wall-hung artwork. The effect is particularly dramatic if the surrounding area is substantially darker than the highlighted piece. A picture or display light is typically used in the living room or hallway to highlight artwork.

Piano lights add style to your piano by illuminating the piano keys and sheet music while being adjustable for you to direct light as needed. Place a piano lamp from House of Troy on top of your piano for the best illumination.

Other Great Options

You can get similar display lighting capabilities from the ceiling. It can come either from within the ceiling with angled recessed lighting, or hanging just a bit below with adjustable spotlights. If you need to be able to control the amount of light emitting from your display light fixture, be sure to take a look at the selection of available light dimmers.

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