Path Lighting & Solar Path Lights

Path lighting is, quite simply, the mark of a good host. With its warm downlight, it welcomes and guides visitors safely along pathways at night. It prevents tripping, falling and stubbed toes by illuminating potential hazards. And, as path lighting is on the more decorative side of landscape lighting, it provides the ideal transition between the landscape and the design of chosen outdoor sconces, ceiling lights and postmounts (which, in turn, tie in with the overall decor of a home's exterior).

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Where Outdoor Path Lighting Works Best

Strategically arrange your path lights to guide people along a walkway from the sidewalk or driveway to your front door. Driveway lighting is essential to ensuring safety if you have a dark driveway or walkway. You can also use path lighting to periodically highlight important features throughout a landscape and delineate the borders of any outdoor living spaces. And consider LED path lighting from Hinkley Lighting to maintain energy-efficiency in your landscape design. Whatever the reason or style you are trying to fit, you will find the perfect outdoor path light here.

Other Great Options

Solar path lights give you the option to use the sun, the most efficient of energy sources, to illuminate your pathway or driveway. And consider using contemporary path lighting from Vibia, BEGA Lighting or Luceplan for a more minimalist outdoor lighting effect. You may also want to pull together a cohesive Mission style with the signature clean lines and warm art glass of Craftsman path lighting from Kichler Lighting and Hinkley Lighting.

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