Outdoor Living

Escape from the cage and enjoy the great outdoors with outdoor living accessories.

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Why We Love Outdoor Living Decor

Ranging from colorful and whimsical to sleek and stainless (steel), all the outdoor furniture and patio accessories included here give a wholly modern impression. Geometric birdhouses, sleek outdoor torches, barbeque implements for outdoor entertaining and flashing pinwheels make your yard a playfully contemporary place in which to relax. They also add the same atmosphere of comfort and convenience to the outdoors that you would normally only expect to find indoors.

Where Outdoor Living Accessories Work Best

Create a modern container garden around a patio with the varied selection of raised planters from Planterworx and the eco-friendly, recycled materials planters from Loll Designs. And add the warmth of firelight--both real and simulated--throughout a yard with candles, oil lamps, outdoor fireplaces, torches or LED-powered Candelas.

Other Great Options

Gather around your outdoor living area with a modern outdoor fireplace from EcoSmart Fire. These patio fireplaces are perfect for summer nights in the backyard and best of all, they are eco-friendly by using bioethanol instead of wood or propane. Outdoor accent lighting adds yet another layer of personalizing distinction to outdoor spaces, not to mention mood-enhancing light - take a look at all of the ways you can add light to your landscape. Meanwhile, back indoors, decorative accessories are the necessary final touches to modern decor.

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