Outdoor Lighting

Turn a black hole into an alluring beacon with outdoor lighting.

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Why We Love Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends the property line (at least visually) and allows us to meander safely outdoors as well as in. There are tons of different exterior lighting fixture types, too, from post lights to outdoor pendant lighting and even contemporary outdoor table lamps, that each play specific roles in making the outside of the home the safe haven it's meant to be. Today's contemporary outdoor fixtures are chalk full of design ingenuity and add bright, modern pop to Mother Nature's landscape while highlighting the home's architecture at the same time.

Where Outdoor Lighting Works Best

Outdoor pendants make a great first impression, greeting friends and family at the door with both welcoming illumination and an introduction to the home's design and personality. Outdoor wall lights are another way to provide the necessary light, brightening the perimeter of the home as well as the outer entry, and even creating an added illusion of height if they're intended to graze the walls with uplighting.

Other Great Options

Browse the selection of outdoor floor lamps for something with personality for the outdoor gathering spot. There are also a lot of LED outdoor lighting fixtures great for saving on energy costs.

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