Outdoor Pendant Lighting & Entry Lights

These beauties stand up to the elements, their finishes and construction built to survive the outdoors. This doesn't mean outdoor pendants are visually unappealing, though. In fact, there are so many styles available, from rustic to ultra-contemporary, it's easy to fit an outdoor pendant into your home's design theme. Think of them as an added decorative element that supports the overall tenor of the home. They often hail from larger collections, too, so matching outdoor lighting fixtures is simple.

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Where Outdoor Pendant Lighting Works Best

In order to make the home more safe and approachable at night, outdoor pendant lighting is most beneficial outside the front and back doors. For a modern look in the backyard, hang a few contemporary outdoor pendants along the stretch of the patio roof. Gazebos are also great places for adding a warm glow, so adding a cottage-style or classic outdoor pendant from Troy Lighting here is a welcoming choice. And since they're mostly damp rated (and not wet rated), these pendants need to stay under some sort of cover.

Other Great Options

Want the look without the energy cost? Check out energy efficient outdoor pendants from Hinkley Lighting and Maxim Lighting for designs specifically geared toward saving you money on your energy bill. And for similar style for the lower ceiling, be sure to view the selection of outdoor flush mount lighting.

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