Native Union

The Native Union Story

"In this day and age, it is not enough to understand where we are. We have to know where we are heading." It was on this principle that Native Union was founded in 2009. From that time, a pool of creative designers and engineers have anticipated the future with their line of phones, docks and speakers. The future was combined with the past in their first product release, the POP Phone, a retro-style handset designed for use with cellphones. Today, it has been joined by a number of more contemporary technological accessories, ensuring a truly cool--and well-designed--digital age.

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Why We Love Native Union

While anticipating the future, Native Union seeks to make life simpler in the process. As such, their modern handsets and speakers are not only sleekly designed, they are easy to use: simply plug-in (or connect wirelessly with Bluetooth) and you're ready to talk or listen to music wherever you go. The slick looks and convenience of Native Union products are paired with a comfortable feel and crystal clear sound. They are also still novel and unexpected, which provides a fun bonus: the look on other people's faces when you answer the phone.

A Fun Fact About Native Union

Native Union's Bluetooth-enabled handsets have been proven to reduce users exposure to radiation by 96%. With the wired versions, radiation reduction is 99%. (Testing conducted by TuV Rheinland, a renowned independent test provider.)

Noteworthy Products From Native Union

The Honeycomb BT iDock is an iPhone dock, handset and speaker all in one. Its convenient, varied functionality is matched by an ultra-contemporary design, complete with a honeycomb pattern on the handset.

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Native Union